Corporate Activity

Bullimores are experts in assisting all types of businesses throughout their growth cycle

UK incorporations & Start Ups

Starting up a business or registering it in the UK can be daunting but we can help you to establish the business quickly and tax-efficiently. 

We use an incorporation agent and once we have established the details required, a company can usually be formed within 48 hours.  We are then able to assist with the related registrations for corporation tax and VAT.  We have helped many small businesses at the start up stage and are happy to pass on our experiences.

Financial Due Diligence; Acquisitions, Mergers & Disposals

Once a business is established and running successfully, further growth through merger or acquisition may be considered as part of a long-term strategy.

As a firm of registered auditors we are often asked by clients to complete financial due diligence on potential targets. The scope of our engagement will vary according to your requirements. 

Our clients may be the target of an offer from another business and subject to a due diligence procedure themselves. We can assist by preparing information that might be relevant and in reviewing the financial considerations of sale and purchase agreements.

Business Valuation

There are numerous ways to value a business and reasons for wanting a valuation. We are aware that not all can be valued easily since a business is worth as much as a buyer will pay or seller will accept.

A full valuation can affect tax related matters that you may not have considered such as capital gains, inheritance tax and share options. We take the time to understand the reason for any valuation.

Financing Growth

You may need to consider obtaining additional finance from various sources. Whether raising capital through debt or equity, it is important to understand what is the appropriate option for your business.

Raising capital may be required for survival or to gain competitive edge in the industry sector in which your business operates.

We can help business owners understand the options of raising the right amount and type of capital.

MBI's & MBO's

In order to release value from a business, a management buy-in (MBI) or management buy-out (MBO) may be an option. Additionally, companies may wish to retain key members of staff or encourage staff participation in the profits of the company.

A successful plan can allow the existing management to continue the business with a feeling of ownership whilst at the same time increasing loyalty and injecting new expertise.


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