Individual Tax

The UK tax legislation is set out on several thousand pages and under self-assessment you are responsible for the content of your return

Personal tax

From our first meeting and as long as you remain a Bullimores’ client, we can assess your tax circumstances in the light of current legislation and your wishes, offering advice on the most tax effective way of achieving your goals.

We regularly attend courses to ensure that our technical knowledge is up to date.

No client should pay more tax than they are required by law; we only recommend legitimate tax planning opportunities.

We can also help you to remain compliant with Self assessment tax rules and deadlines.

Inheritance Tax

One of the least understood taxes is inheritance tax. Our clients’ well-advised families may have little or no IHT to pay!

The basic IHT rate is 40% after nil rate bands but with complicated rules for each nil rate band and each relief, many clients do not utilise all the reliefs that they might.

Our clients spend their lives looking after their children or other people less fortunate than themselves. Our tax planning looks to take this into account.

With your agreement we will review your financial affairs and in particular all your assets, discuss your wishes and examine your will to make sure it is as efficient as possible and still follows your wishes. Where those wishes have changed, we will make appropriate recommendations for alterations. At the same time, we will make suggestions to reduce the inheritance tax burden on your estate using of all the currently available exemptions, and in particular consider your pension provision and how this can be used to advantage.


Capital Gains Tax

Consultations with us before an investment or sale can save money time and tax.

This tax was simple to report and collect but has been made a morass of complex regulations. For our clients, we will 'separate the wheat from the chaff’ dealing with the dozens of rules and will fit the results into your return to the best effect.

Non-resident capital gains tax returns - changing legislation.



Investment Relief

There are a number of investment reliefs available to individuals and companies which should be considered.

For individuals with investments the use of ISAs and, to a lesser extent, Junior ISAs is essential. Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI's) schemes are helpful to the employed in medium sized companies. Seed Investment and Enterprise Investment schemes are also worth serious consideration.

Bullimores deal with both setting them up and the taxation of the recipients. EIS, SEIS and VCT can be used as part of your strategies for inheritance tax, income tax and capital gains tax planning as well as pensions.

Utilising the tax relief incentives available today is key to efficient wealth management. It can be exciting to invest in a capital project but it is negligent to do so without proper advice and consideration of the risks as well as the tax reliefs available to you.

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