Inheritance Tax & Probate

Bullimores can help you with all aspects of Probate and Executorship.

Probate and Estate Administration

We are delighted to be one of the few firms of chartered accountants licensed in the area to carry out the reserved legal activity of non-contentious probate authorised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

There are certain protocols which need to be carried out when someone dies. Probate and estate administration are some of these and are possibly the most complex as it requires you to file legal, financial and taxation information about the deceased’s estate.

We can save you or your family time and stress in the event of a death. Our charges are based on time taken rather than a percentage of the estate which is usually charged by banks and solicitors in addition to a time charge.

Other than you, who knows more about your finances than your accountant. Please contact us to help at this difficult time.

Please refer to our fact sheets below for helpful information.

Probate Fact Sheet
(PDF, 211Kb)

Probate Pricing Transparency
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We can act as an executor named in a will or act on behalf of an executor, dealing with a deceased estate on their behalf.

Trusts & Trusteeships

Trusts can sometimes be a useful route for passing on wealth to the next generation or protecting assets but can be expensive in the long term.

There are several types of trust and it is important to choose one which corresponds to your financial plans. We deal with all trusts and can advise on the tax implications of each one.

Wills & Lasting power of Attorney

We will help you with framing a will and advise you on the content so that it is tax efficient and complies with your wishes, liaising with your solicitors if required.

We can also act as a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) should you need someone independent or a professional to look after your affairs when you can't.

Inheritance Tax Planning (IHT)

We work to provide for ourselves, families and loved ones so it is bordering on negligent not to plan for our demise. We can advise on how to arrange your financial affairs to be as inheritance tax efficient as possible.


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