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Coronavirus Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG)

Check if you're eligible for the Coronavirus Additional Restrictions Grant

The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) provides local councils with grant funding to support closed businesses that do not directly pay business rates as well as businesses that do not have to close but which are impacted.

Local councils can determine which businesses to target and determine the amount of funding from the ARG.


Local councils have the freedom to determine the eligibility criteria for these grants. However, we expect the funding to help those businesses which – while not legally forced to close – are nonetheless severely impacted by the restrictions.

This could include:

·         businesses which supply the retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors

·         businesses in the tourism and events sectors

·         business required to close but which do not pay business rates

Businesses excluded from the fund
You cannot get funding if:

·         your business is in administration, insolvent or has been struck off the Companies House register

·         you have exceeded the permitted subsidy limit


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